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Wood Phone Stand and Decor - Skull Design

Wood Phone Stand and Decor - Skull Design

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These serve a dual purpose.
A great solid stand for holding you phone.
A decorative piece of art when not holding your phone as they are large enough to stand out on any table, stand or counter.

They are super large to completely fit your phones vs. smaller stands that only partially fit your phone and tend to be less stable and fall over easily.

They look great in any room. Are you that person that lays their phone flat on the end table or coffee table? Every time it dings you feel compelled to pick it up to look. Throw in this stand and now you can just glance over at your phone vs. having to pick it up every time.

These make great gifts for any occasion. Why not give a gift that is functional and also seconds as decorative art piece when not being used?

There are 2 sizes to fit your specific phone.
Large – For larger phones. Fits an iPhone Pro or Pro Max perfectly.
Small – For smaller phones. Fits a standard size iPhone perfectly.
Large Stand Size: 3¼” wide by 8½” high, 4” deep when assembled.
Small Stand Size: 3” wide by 7½” high, 3.5” deep when assembled.
Stand is 5mm thick

I create all of my designs, so they are truly one-of-a-kind designs.
The base holder slides into the front piece for a super snug fit to give you a solid phone stand. Easy disassembles and lays flat for easy storage or travel.
There is an opening on the bottom and the shelf, so your cord goes from the phone inlet under the stand and behind it to your power source.

3 coats of low luster clear are applied to provide a protective, non-glare finish while maintaining the natural look and feel of natural wood.

We specialize in custom pieces. For example, the bottom under the shelve could be substituted with an engraved name. A name could be laser cut and applied for a raised 3-dimensional look. Want a different color for the background. Not a problem. Each piece is hand made for you when you place your order. Just reach out to me with your idea and I will make it for you.

Visit to see other items available. Join my Facebook page to see pieces in progress, how things are made, etc.
I want to help you and answer any questions that you have. I really appreciate you checking out my products!
Thanks so much,
Bill Lee
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