Wall Art Collection

Check out our wall art section with one of a kind creations and limited series pieces. These creations are hand designed and hand crafted.

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Three Dimensional Wildlife Scenes

Check out the wildlife scenes including a bigfoot sighting. More scenes being added weekly. Personalization available for rustic wedding table toppers, events and more. Huge discounts available for bulk purchasing.

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Join our Facebook page to see what is currently being worked on. This will give you a sneak peak into upcoming items and special offers.


Made For You!

A great addition to your home or business bar. Made from 2 layers of wood that are laser cut and combined for an amazing three dimensional look.


Unique Wood Phone Stands


Phone stands come in 2 sizes and your choice of 4 different background colors.

Check back soon for many more designs.

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Display Stands and Bases

The wood bases and display stands have many uses.
Put it on your kitchen counter, coffee table etc. to provide a nice base for decor that is sure to stand out.
Use it as a center piece on your dining room table. 
Put one on your office desk to provide a riser for all of your essential items.
Use as a centerpiece on your dining room table.

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Photos Engraved on Wood

We take your photos and turn them into beautiful engraved art on local sourced hardwoods.

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I own 10 acres of property in South Huntingdon Township, Westmoreland County where I gather my raw materials. I cut down the trees, haul them out of the woods to my sawmill on the property. I mill all of the wood. I kiln or weather dry the wood. When dry (1-2 years), I prepare the wood outdoors using a generator and table saws, planers, routers, hand tools, etc. Once I have the wood prepared, I work out of my shop in Greensburg to create my final art and craft creations. I also recycle wood from old barns, pallets, fallen aged trees, etc. and make it into art. I have a commercial laser engraver that can engrave and cut thick hardwoods, foam, plastic, etc. I also do epoxy pours with the wood and combine it with the engravings for a unique look. My theme is everything local. I start from the trees and make creations for your home (Trees To Home).

From the Tree to the Mill