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Three Dimension Whitetail Doe Scene Centerpeice

Three Dimension Whitetail Doe Scene Centerpeice

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FREE SHIPPING! These unique three dimensional scenes look amazing. They are laser cut from 5mm wood. Color versions and raw wood versions are available.
Two Size available: 5"W X 8"H X 4"D or 6.75"W X 12"H X 6.5"D.
Personalization is also available. Great for decor. Great table toppers for events, rustic themed weddings with personalization. If you want your own color theme, order raw wood and apply your own color before assembling. 
Get huge quantity discounts.
These ship as flat individual pieces. Assembly involves pressing each piece into the base on the slot. They fit snug. Adding a dab of glue on each will make it permanent.
NOTE: These are very fragile. When inserting each piece, hold onto bottom of piece while inserting. Grabbing the side of tree branches will cause them to break easily.

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