Wood Engraved Photos

Step 1 - Send Us Your Photos

The photos you submit must be high resolution. For example, uploading a photo that you took with your phone or camera will be high resolution. A photo that someone messaged you is not usually high resolution because a low resolution image is sent instead.

There needs to be a lot of contrast in the photos. Meaning dark and light highlights in the subject. For example, if you submit a gray dog with no lights and shadows in the fur, you will just get an entire gray flat image with no detail.

We will work with you to determine if your photos will work. Be prepared to have several photos if your original submitted photos just won't work out. We will do our best to make them work.

Step 2 - Art is Created

We take you photos and manipulate them into a final image to be engraved. This involves removing backgrounds, cropping out the subject and adjusting the image to ensure it will engrave nicely. This is time consuming and therefore contributes to a large portion of the cost of this item.

Step 3 - We Create Your Piece

We only use locally harvested hardwood. We use a light shaded hardwood so you image is the star. Maple and tulip poplar are the 2 hardwoods that work best. Pine is also available. The size of the piece will be approximately 10" in height and the width varies based on the format of your photo. These can be displayed on a plate stand on your counter. We also put a recessed sawtooth type hanger on the back for hanging on your wall. Recessing the hook ensure your piece will be flush with the wall. The final step is clear coating your piece.

More Examples

We Do More Than Pets!

We can turn any photo you cherish into an engraving. Children, family, homes, cars, etc. The process above implies to any photo that you would like to engrave.

Just reach out if you have any questions. Contact information is below.